Comes to an end of the battle: Protein vs mass gainer

We usually get between what should we choose protein or mass gainer or which one is a better protein or mass gainer. Although both mass gainer and whey protein are good or we can say amazing supplements to accomplish your fitness goal. But we usually got confused between that what should we choose protein or mass gainer so here we come with the solution for your confusion. First of all, before choosing protein or mass gainer we should be clear with our requirements like we have to gain or put on some mass with some muscles or we have to gain muscles more. Mass gainers A mass gainer is generally formed on the formula to provide a great source of calories to meet your daily requirements easily. It usually has a formula of 3:1 to the carbs to protein ratio. Mass gainers are a good source of carbs and fats for those who don't have a habit of eating or they can't eat that much. Why should you choose mass gainer? Mass gainers are used by fitness enthusiasts when they are on gaining a

How to make your own workout plan

Hello everyone, if you are confused about how to make your own workout plan or how to plan your workout schedule. So here I will give you some brief information which will help you to create your workout plan. In our mind, a doubt always arises that how to plan your workout week in the gym. The biggest confusion is to choose between the bro split vs science but nowadays a new strategy of workout is also rising with its full potential push-pull legs. Bro split Bro split is the oldest and most practising type of the workout series in which you train one body part at one time. Chest Back and lats Shoulders Bicep Tricep Legs Rest This workout is the best for the advance level athletes so they can have a powerful pump and fatigue in the muscle. But for a beginner, this workout split is not much beneficial as they are new to the gym and rather they have no idea about the exercise. This workout split is best for strength but not very much effective for building your endurance and not your str

Top 10 yoga poses or posture

If you are searching for best streching exercise for your body or the easy and essential yoga poses for your body. So here your search ends and now wear your yoga pants and we start with the our first yoga pose. So now you have yoga near you. What do you need for doing yoga exercise. A yoga mat. A comfortable yoga mat. A good and relaxing music with you. So the first exercise. 1. The downward facing dog. The downward facing dog exercise is the best exercise for streching. In this exercise for beginner you have to lie on your elbow and on your knee. Keep your toe flat on surface. Then try to take position as shown in fig. Move your bump in upward direction to strech.  2. Plank. Plank we all know about as it is the very famous exercise for your core. Plank just nore strengthen your core only but also works for your whole body. In this exercise we have to lie on elbows in pushups or the body should be in 20 to 25° angle. Hold your body in that position for maximum 1 min in starting.  3. U

Top 10 protein foods or top 10 high protein foods

  If you searching for top 10 high protein foods or top 10 high protein food veg. Then your search ends here because we will provide you the complete information about top 10 protein  foods for vegan.   As we all know that Proteins are the building blocks of body tissue,and even give the body the energy it needs to grow and develop properly. When protein is digested, it breaks down into amino acids. The medical researchers says that an women requires .9grams per kg of protein a day, and men need at least 1or 1.2grams per kg a day. Here are the top 10 sources of protein for vegetarians.   1. Greek Yogurt   Greek yogurt or you can have normal yogurt too. It is a great source of protein. 170 gm of Greek yogurt has 15- 20 grams of approx protein and  this is much more than normal yogurt, which has about 9 grams of protein. This probiotic food also has a lot of vitamins and minerals. Eating Greek yogurt all the time will help your digestive system stay healthy, boost your immune system, hel

Best leg workout

Best legs workout at home without equipment for man and women.  If you are searching for the best legs workout. Or the legs workout at home without equipment for man and women. Here you are at the perfect platform we will tell you the best exersize of legs that you can do at home and for man and women both.  1. Walking lunges.   Walking Lunges take a big step forward on your right foot. While doing that, bend your left leg so that your knee almost touches the floor. Then, with the help of your right leg, move your body into the next lunge. This time, your left leg should be in front of you, and your right leg will bend toward the floor. Do 3 sets of walking lunges with 12 reps each. And remember to take a 30-second rest after reach set. When doing this exercise, the muscles in the front of your leg work the most since they have to move your whole body up and forward. This not only strengthens all the leg muscles but also improves your balance and stability.  2. Regular squats or the v

Top 10 best exercises for chest

Top 10 best exercise for chest .  If you are searching for the best and the top 10 exercise of chest to do in gym for a better and bigger chest. Here you are at the right place.  So we start with our first exercise.  1. Pushups .   Pushups you can do pushups in your warm up set for giving a great start to your exerscise. You can have 3 sets of pushups. Like 1 for normal, 2nd for incline and last for decline and each set contain upto 20 to 25 pusp ups.  2. Bench press .  Bench press the best start of your gym exercises as it target your whole chest part. And triseps too.  Keep your back bone straight and keeps your legs in inward position or toward you. Try to push weight by using your tricep and hold the bar on some outward portion from your shoulders.  3. Incline bench press.  Incline bench is the our third best exercise for chest muscle as this targets the upper chest muscles of your body. It mainly focus on the upper portion and give it shape too. In this exersize you should keep yo

How to loose fat or being fit as an mesomorph

First take the pledge of being fit.  Want to loose fat.  The body uses the stored ‘fat’ as a fuel source, and fat is major storage form of energy in the body. For a healthy male the normal body fat percentage is 10 to 20% so your body fat percentage is over this you are not considerd as ‘healthy’. If you are overweight or struggling to lose fat, here, I have shared some tips for you that will definately help you to achieve your goal.  1.One if the reason you are not losing weight is because you are not in a ‘calorie deficit’. Calorie deficit is shortage in the amount of calories consumed relative to the ammount of required for maintenance of current body weight. For example if your avarage maintenance calories  How-to-gain-as-n-ectomorph are 2500 and you are eating on average of 2600 to 2700 calories per day and burning 600 to 700 calorie per day by exersize and other activity so you are having an 2000 calorie approx. So you are calorie deficient. 2.Split your calories into Low carb, H