Top 10 best exercises for chest

Top 10 best exercise for chest

If you are searching for the best and the top 10 exercise of chest to do in gym for a better and bigger chest. Here you are at the right place. 

So we start with our first exercise. 

1. Pushups
 Pushups you can do pushups in your warm up set for giving a great start to your exerscise. You can have 3 sets of pushups. Like 1 for normal, 2nd for incline and last for decline and each set contain upto 20 to 25 pusp ups. 

2. Bench press
Bench press the best start of your gym exercises as it target your whole chest part. And triseps too.  Keep your back bone straight and keeps your legs in inward position or toward you. Try to push weight by using your tricep and hold the bar on some outward portion from your shoulders. 

3. Incline bench press. 

Incline bench is the our third best exercise for chest muscle as this targets the upper chest muscles of your body. It mainly focus on the upper portion and give it shape too. In this exersize you should keep your bend at 75 to 80° for better performance and try to keep your back in u position or lift your stomach in upper side. So you will feel the force on upper chest only. 

4. Decline bench press. 

Decline bench press is the our best exercise for our lower chest as it mainly focuses on your lower chest and give its shape. It decreases your lower chest fat also. In this exersize you should focus on your grip and try to hold the bar in some forward way from shoulders and keep your weight on upper chest so it will show result on lower chest. 

5. Incline dummbell press. 

Incline dummbell press is the 2 best exercise for upper chest as in this you will work seprately on different chest portions with different weight. So you have less wrong movement and will pump both chest equally and will fatigue faster. Inthis exersize try to keep your weight in straight line and on upper chest and keep you back in u way or push you stomach in upward dircetion. 

6. Decline dummbell press. 

Decline dumbell press is the second vest exercise for your lower chest. As in this also you will work seprately on both chest and train them. In this exercise you should try to keep your weight on upper chest and go lower as much as you can this will help you to build side chest cut. As bar dips help you to do that. 

7. Butterfly machine fly. 

Butter fly or cable fly is the best exercise for your middle chest part or the line that comes between your chest. In this exersize you will work on middle chest and side chest too. In this exercise try to stick to the backsupport and do exercise. This will make you to do more efforts from chest. As this an supported exercise try to lift more. 

8. Cable fly. 

 Cable fly is similar to butterfly but in this you have to make more efforts as the movement increases in this and this is much better for your side chest. As you movement begins from shoulder equality then you meet yoir hands in front side or in front of your belt part. Try this exersize if you havent this will definately show you results in couple of weeks. 

9. Bar dips. 

Bar dips is the best exercise for your side chest curve and the lower middle chest try this you will definately feel the pain in middle chest try to go deeper in it as you can and hold yourself there for 2 to 3 sec than come up it will work on your tricep too. Try to avoid irregular form in this and injuries too. As it can do injury in your shoulder and wrist so do it in guidance first time. 
Hope you like these exercises and last one and the power up exersize is pushups in one set as much as you can do it in first set. It will make your muscles more fatigue. If you like the article then plesse do comment for support. 

Protein i use. 

Best protein under 3000 which i like. 


  1. Osm.... I definitely will try these exercises in the gym after lockdwn

  2. Pyare dost aapaka ye article jo apane body ko lekar chinatit rahate hai aur usapar kaam karana chahate hai unake liye kafi important hai . Thanks 😊

  3. Good artical for bodybuilder.. I'll suggest every gymnastics person to read this article and go through it. And u will definitely get improvement in your body after doing this exercise.. 👌👌


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