Top 10 yoga poses or posture

If you are searching for best streching exercise for your body or the easy and essential yoga poses for your body. So here your search ends and now wear your yoga pants and we start with the our first yoga pose. So now you have yoga near you.

What do you need for doing yoga exercise.
  • A yoga mat.
  • A comfortable yoga mat.
  • A good and relaxing music with you.

So the first exercise.

1. The downward facing dog.
The downward facing dog exercise is the best exercise for streching. In this exercise for beginner you have to lie on your elbow and on your knee. Keep your toe flat on surface. Then try to take position as shown in fig. Move your bump in upward direction to strech. 

2. Plank.
Plank we all know about as it is the very famous exercise for your core. Plank just nore strengthen your core only but also works for your whole body. In this exercise we have to lie on elbows in pushups or the body should be in 20 to 25° angle. Hold your body in that position for maximum 1 min in starting. 

3. Upward plank.

Upward plank is the best exercise one can do for streching upper body,  it also improves your balance and help in increasing of concentration, it also strengthen your arms, legs and glutes too. You should try this for atleast 30 sec.

4. The tree.

The tree is the great exercise for athletes as this works mainly on your legs. It strengthens the tonnes of calves, ankles and your inner thighs. So doing this exercise regularly will definately give you some good looking legs. 

5. Warrior pose.

Warrior pose will give a strech to your chest, and strengthens your thighs or we can say this this is an complete body streching exercise as it works on your chest, lunges, hips, thighs, spine, hamstrings, and much more. You should try this if you are doing yoga. Try to strech more as you can for better results. Interchange your legs position too in this. One time right leg forward and than left leg. 

6. The extented side angle.

The extended side angle is good for managing your blood circulation. It strengthens your back, hamstrings and teaches you to breathe in uncomfortable positions. It also helps in reducing anxiety, stress and many mental issues. You should this on both of your legs i.e left leg and right leg too.

7. The child pose.

The child pose is best pose for resting any stress and tension relief. It help you to feel good between exaust conditions or any stress. You can try this pose between other exercise to get some time to rest or to relise tension.

8. The bow pose.

The bow pose is somehow miracle for streching your front and back body. It mainly done by yoga experts in starting of their workout to open all joints and to do complete streching in first. It also improves flexibility of your spine and improves your posture.

9. The cobra pose.

The cobra pose is done to improve your upper posture because it opens your shoulder and your chest. It also straightens your back and this exercise is also good for back pain.

10. Seated forward bend.

Seated forward bend is good for streching your lower back and your hips. It usually opens all your body and help you enhance your breathing too. It also helps for fatigue and headaches.

One extra like a bonus point for you all. The best yoga poses in my view for thyroid, 

11. Boat pose.

It is an huge stress buster it improves your digestion and stimulates the kidneys and help in thyroid to over come it. Boat pose strengthens you inner thighs and your lower back. 

So here is end of this article hope you like our article on best yoga poses or yoga near you at your home only.

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