How to make your own workout plan

Hello everyone, if you are confused about how to make your own workout plan or how to plan your workout schedule.

So here I will give you some brief information which will help you to create your workout plan.

In our mind, a doubt always arises that how to plan your workout week in the gym.

The biggest confusion is to choose between the bro split vs science but nowadays a new strategy of workout is also rising with its full potential push-pull legs.

Bro split

Bro split is the oldest and most practising type of the workout series in which you train one body part at one time.

  • Chest

  • Back and lats

  • Shoulders

  • Bicep

  • Tricep

  • Legs

  • Rest

This workout is the best for the advance level athletes so they can have a powerful pump and fatigue in the muscle.

But for a beginner, this workout split is not much beneficial as they are new to the gym and rather they have no idea about the exercise.

This workout split is best for strength but not very much effective for building your endurance and not your strength.

You give rest of approx 5 parts to the per body part which is a very long gap for a beginner as this will make their muscle to settle to the very first position.

Beginners should trains each body part for 2 to 3 times a week for better result and understanding of exercise.

Science or science split

This was the second most used workout spit by the gym freak. But do you really know much it works on your body part?

This workout split should be used with the heavyweights so you make your muscle to fatigue faster.

But most of us just follow it blindly without knowing its proper form.


Like in this we have to use heavy weights, exercise mainly focus on compound movements more than machine exercise.


You don't get enough time to train the second part as you have used your 50%+ energy for the first muscle to make it fatigue.

You are not unable to build your second muscle with many efforts and can't be in the gym for continuously 2 to 3 hours.


  • Chest + tricep

  • Shoulder + biceps

  • Legs + back 

  • Chest + tricep

  • Shoulder + biceps

  • Legs + back 

  • rest

This workout is best for advance level and better for intermediate level experts as they have good knowledge about the right weights for a muscle part and to split and differentiate between exercises.

This workout is good for building length but not much effective for building muscle endurance.

Push-pull legs

This is the best workout split in my point of view. As this workout split is a combination of science split and a little bit of bro split.

As this includes the push form of exercise on one day and pull forms of exercise on another day the last and the best is leg day.

split of workout 

  • Push 

  • Pull

  • Legs 

  • Push

  • Pull

  • Legs

  • rest

Push exercises include the compound movements of chest, shoulders and triceps.

So you train them together as they include each other muscle part in each set.

Pull exercise includes the compound movement of biceps, back.

Legs are the most powerful exercise pack which will help you in many ways like squats include complete body muscles.

Push-pull legs are very much beneficial for you as it improves your stability, strength, and endurance.

This workout split is best for all like from beginner to advance all can use it and can grow with the help of this split.


And at last, I will suggest you to follow the push-pull legs for better muscle improvement and strength.

You can change the exercise per month so it will give time to your muscle and will not settle after some time.

Please share it with your gym freak friends to help them in deciding their workout split.


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