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Top 10 best exercises for chest

Top 10 best exercise for chest .  If you are searching for the best and the top 10 exercise of chest to do in gym for a better and bigger chest. Here you are at the right place.  So we start with our first exercise.  1. Pushups .   Pushups you can do pushups in your warm up set for giving a great start to your exerscise. You can have 3 sets of pushups. Like 1 for normal, 2nd for incline and last for decline and each set contain upto 20 to 25 pusp ups.  2. Bench press .  Bench press the best start of your gym exercises as it target your whole chest part. And triseps too.  Keep your back bone straight and keeps your legs in inward position or toward you. Try to push weight by using your tricep and hold the bar on some outward portion from your shoulders.  3. Incline bench press.  Incline bench is the our third best exercise for chest muscle as this targets the upper chest muscles of your body. It mainly focus on the upper portion and give it shape too. In this exersize you should keep yo

How to loose fat or being fit as an mesomorph

First take the pledge of being fit.  Want to loose fat.  The body uses the stored ‘fat’ as a fuel source, and fat is major storage form of energy in the body. For a healthy male the normal body fat percentage is 10 to 20% so your body fat percentage is over this you are not considerd as ‘healthy’. If you are overweight or struggling to lose fat, here, I have shared some tips for you that will definately help you to achieve your goal.  1.One if the reason you are not losing weight is because you are not in a ‘calorie deficit’. Calorie deficit is shortage in the amount of calories consumed relative to the ammount of required for maintenance of current body weight. For example if your avarage maintenance calories  How-to-gain-as-n-ectomorph are 2500 and you are eating on average of 2600 to 2700 calories per day and burning 600 to 700 calorie per day by exersize and other activity so you are having an 2000 calorie approx. So you are calorie deficient. 2.Split your calories into Low carb, H