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Best leg workout

Best legs workout at home without equipment for man and women.  If you are searching for the best legs workout. Or the legs workout at home without equipment for man and women. Here you are at the perfect platform we will tell you the best exersize of legs that you can do at home and for man and women both.  1. Walking lunges.   Walking Lunges take a big step forward on your right foot. While doing that, bend your left leg so that your knee almost touches the floor. Then, with the help of your right leg, move your body into the next lunge. This time, your left leg should be in front of you, and your right leg will bend toward the floor. Do 3 sets of walking lunges with 12 reps each. And remember to take a 30-second rest after reach set. When doing this exercise, the muscles in the front of your leg work the most since they have to move your whole body up and forward. This not only strengthens all the leg muscles but also improves your balance and stability.  2. Regular squats or the v