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Top 10 protein foods or top 10 high protein foods

  If you searching for top 10 high protein foods or top 10 high protein food veg. Then your search ends here because we will provide you the complete information about top 10 protein  foods for vegan.   As we all know that Proteins are the building blocks of body tissue,and even give the body the energy it needs to grow and develop properly. When protein is digested, it breaks down into amino acids. The medical researchers says that an women requires .9grams per kg of protein a day, and men need at least 1or 1.2grams per kg a day. Here are the top 10 sources of protein for vegetarians.   1. Greek Yogurt   Greek yogurt or you can have normal yogurt too. It is a great source of protein. 170 gm of Greek yogurt has 15- 20 grams of approx protein and  this is much more than normal yogurt, which has about 9 grams of protein. This probiotic food also has a lot of vitamins and minerals. Eating Greek yogurt all the time will help your digestive system stay healthy, boost your immune system, hel