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How to make your own workout plan

Hello everyone, if you are confused about how to make your own workout plan or how to plan your workout schedule. So here I will give you some brief information which will help you to create your workout plan. In our mind, a doubt always arises that how to plan your workout week in the gym. The biggest confusion is to choose between the bro split vs science but nowadays a new strategy of workout is also rising with its full potential push-pull legs. Bro split Bro split is the oldest and most practising type of the workout series in which you train one body part at one time. Chest Back and lats Shoulders Bicep Tricep Legs Rest This workout is the best for the advance level athletes so they can have a powerful pump and fatigue in the muscle. But for a beginner, this workout split is not much beneficial as they are new to the gym and rather they have no idea about the exercise. This workout split is best for strength but not very much effective for building your endurance and not your str