Comes to an end of the battle: Protein vs mass gainer

We usually get between what should we choose protein or mass gainer or which one is a better protein or mass gainer.

Although both mass gainer and whey protein are good or we can say amazing supplements to accomplish your fitness goal.

But we usually got confused between that what should we choose protein or mass gainer so here we come with the solution for your confusion.

First of all, before choosing protein or mass gainer we should be clear with our requirements like we have to gain or put on some mass with some muscles or we have to gain muscles more.

Mass gainers

A mass gainer is generally formed on the formula to provide a great source of calories to meet your daily requirements easily.

It usually has a formula of 3:1 to the carbs to protein ratio. Mass gainers are a good source of carbs and fats for those who don't have a habit of eating or they can't eat that much.

Why should you choose mass gainer?

Mass gainers are used by fitness enthusiasts when they are on gaining and have to eat 4000 or more calories a day to meet their daily requirements so they have a great pump in their body.

The skinny guys also use gainers so they can develop their physique by increasing weights are their first focus is to gain some weight not by developing muscle in the same body type.


Protein is considered the purest and great source of protein and we all know protein is the basic need of all of us to live life healthier.

The basic need of protein in daily routine that an average human required is between .8 to 1gm of protein per lbs of their weight and it may vary to 1.5 or 2 also for beasts in the bodybuilding world.

Why should you choose protein? 

Protein is more preferred by bodybuilders when they are in preparation to compete or they are on losing the fat that is stored in their body.

At the time time of losing they have to save their muscles from losing their size.

Every person uses protein because it increases your energy and makes you stress-free too.

The comparison

If you want to gain some weight or want to add bulk

If you require to add some bulk to your body then you should go for the mass gainers as per mass gainer is the great source of carbs and will help you to recover faster.


In the terms of bodybuilding, you have to take both mass gainers and protein depending on your needs.

If we are cutting or losing then we should go for the protein or if we are on bulking then we should go for the mass gainers to accomplish our daily needs of carbs.

But if we are finding it difficult to achieve our daily requirements then we should choose the supplement that will us to achieve the requirement of the things protein or carbs that is lacking behind.

Aesthetic or lean physique

We require to have a lean physique then we should go for protein as for lean physique we should have more protein value in our days than carbs or fats.

Overall winner

I will prefer the protein to be the best as it is the purest form of protein excluding carbs or fats so it will help us to meet our daily protein requirement easily.

We can accomplish our carbs or fats requirement from the common foods which are the great source of carbs and fats like oats, potatoes, etc.


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