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Comes to an end of the battle: Protein vs mass gainer

We usually get between what should we choose protein or mass gainer or which one is a better protein or mass gainer. Although both mass gainer and whey protein are good or we can say amazing supplements to accomplish your fitness goal. But we usually got confused between that what should we choose protein or mass gainer so here we come with the solution for your confusion. First of all, before choosing protein or mass gainer we should be clear with our requirements like we have to gain or put on some mass with some muscles or we have to gain muscles more. Mass gainers A mass gainer is generally formed on the formula to provide a great source of calories to meet your daily requirements easily. It usually has a formula of 3:1 to the carbs to protein ratio. Mass gainers are a good source of carbs and fats for those who don't have a habit of eating or they can't eat that much. Why should you choose mass gainer? Mass gainers are used by fitness enthusiasts when they are on gaining a